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Night's Lament - Double CD

2004 - Secret Secret appears on Dark Horizon's Night's Lament 2 cd compilation with the song Forgotten from the forthcoming Secret Secret album Into the Darkness.
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San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial - Enhanced CD

2002 - Secret Secret appears on Denki Tiger's SFGSI enhanced compilation cd with their song Forgotten. Kurt Harland of Information Society guests as the lead vocal on this track.
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A Dark Memorial - VCD

Secret Secret's first Video CD feature video from the Dark Memorial tour, 2001. This video was shot in San Francisco at Kimo's and in Los Angeles at the Knitting Factory. The three videos included on this disc are Forgotten, Sanctuary, and Metal.
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The Living Secrets

The Living Secrets, 1999, a 9 track live presentation from Secret Secret featuring Count, Itsumademo, People Go Out, Wish, Nichiyobi, Car 17, Cities in Dust, and Metal. This disc also includes a CD rom section with video and html.
Lexicon Now Music Vol. 2

Lexicon Magazine
Now Music Vol. 2

Now Music Vol. 2, 1999, this disc features modern synthpop from around the world. Secret Secret's Itsumademo is included on this compilation offered by Lexicon Magazine.
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CMJ Certain Damage 99

CMJ's Certain Damage 99, 1998, compiled for the 1998 CMJ Musicfest, Certain Damage 99 is a double CD with many tracks from up and coming bands. Secret Secret's Nichiyobi is included on this compilation sent to the subscribers of the CMJ New Music Report.
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United Synthpop of America

United Synthpop of America, 1998, released in January, this disc features 15 up and coming American synthpop bands. Secret Secret's Nichiyobi is included on this compilation offered by Synthphony Records.
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Multiple Insertions

Multiple Insertions, 1995, is a multi-media compilation featuring the band Sweat Engine. Secret Secret included a very early version of thier website, including a version of The Dreaming preview QuickTime movie.
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Count, 1992, featured 4 tracks including Count, The Spector, People Go Out, and an instrumental version of Count, was released by the band. This EP was mostly available as cassettes, two CD copies were made. A second run of cassettes was made with Nichiyobi in place of the instrumental.
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Below San Onofre

Below San Onofre, 1992, was a compilation featuring 13 San Diego and Tijuana bands. Secert Secret qualifide since at the time two of the band members were living in San Diego. People Go Out was inclueded on this CD.

Multiple Insertions and Below San Onofre are still avialable from Pan Handler Productions.

Secret Secret
San Francisco April, 2004