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scnalogo.gif Whether your interest in Saabs is the latest generation of turbocharged cars, the ring-g-g-g-a-ding-g-g-g of the two-strokers, or the smooth lines of the Sonett sports cars, the Saab Club is for you. The Saab Club publishes a bi-monthly magazine called NINES full of technical do-it-yourself tips on all models.

For those who are interested in other aspects of Saab, there are feature articles on subjects such as the Saab Friction Tester, a specially modified 900 Turbo that measures the co-efficient of friction on airport runways; or the latest generation of jet fighter built by Saab-Scania, the JAS-39 Grippen.

There are also articles on Saab's rally history and cars of historical interest. Saab Cars USA provides the latest service bulletins to keep owners abreast of repair procedures and upgraded parts.

For those seeking parts for older Saabs, there is an excellent classified ad section, the SAAB SWAP, where those parting out cars can share the bounty with those in need of good used pieces. For those with newer cars, it is also a place to find good used accessories and parts. There are also firms that advertise discounted parts and accessories for Saabs.

A membership in the Saab Club and subscription to NINES is $34.00 for the first year ($38.00US to Canada, $42.00US to other countries) and includes the most recent back issue and two Saab Club decals (seven issues of NINES). Renewal (six issues) is $4.00 per year less.

A sample issue (the most recent published) is only $5.00 to U.S. addresses.

Send check or money order (sorry, no credit cards) to:

The Saab Club
7675 Bear Trap Junction, Dept T
Saginaw, Minnesota 55779-9672

Editor/Publisher: Tim Winker

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For more information about Nines, or the SCNA send mail to Tim Winker NINES Editor & Publisher.

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